About Us

We are an international group of Religious Sisters numbering around 660 from more than 19 different countries. Living in international communities, we strive to be examples of ‘Women in Communion’.

Since our beginnings in 1876 in France, OLAs continue to fulfil the intense missionary dream of our founder Fr. Augustine Planque, to be of service to the Gospel particularly with the people of Africa. By God’s grace, we serve where the Gospel has yet to be rooted and where human need is greatest. Our priority is for the poor and marginalised, especially for women and children.

Promoting women and the marginalized is a priority in all of our apostolates. In solidarity with like minded people, we also engage in non-violent action for justice, peace and the intregrity of creation.

In Europe, we are in Ireland, Italy, France and Holland. In the Americas, OLAs are in Argentina and Quebec.

By the witness of our lives, the sharing of our faith and through our work with the poor wherever we are in the world, we strive to bring alive Christ’s message of “Good News to the Poor”.

Faithful to the vision of our Founder, OLA Sisters have continued to

  • be courageous and competent women, like the Apostles, ready to leave all for the sake of the Gospel.
  • live the Spirituality of the Cenacle which prepares us for our apostolic work
  • be witnesses to the universality of the Church by living in international communities
  • work for the formation and education of women and Christian families

We draw strength and inspiration from the experience of Our Lady and the Apostles in the ‘Upper Room’ who were filled with the love, joy and energy of their Pentecost experience. Following their example we strive to be signs of Hope for all peoples to whom we are sent.