Sr Eithna Synnott

Sr. EithnaIn my wildest dreams I could never have imagined the path I would take in life and even yet I am surprised by life on an almost daily basis. I am the eldest of eleven children from Gilford, Co Down. I left Grammar School in Lurgan with two O levels and entered the OLA Convent, Rostrevor, in 1966 with the desire to serve the Lord of Life, to go on the missions and help others.

1979 saw me qualify as a medical doctor and 1981 I crossed the shores of Africa. Very quickly I found myself wondering “Who was missionary to who?” The Africans I work amongst didn’t have my skills in medicine and there was a great need for my skills. Often way beyond what I learnt in medical school. The Divine Physician was called on a lot! And still is, even with the experience I now have gained… in fact the more I learn about the human body, the more I realise the gift we are and how unique each one of us is. In Africa I learnt: colour is only skin deep, compassion, love, forgiveness and caring are universal needs, as are food and water and in giving, we receive and vice versa.

I came home in 1993 with drug resistant malaria, and have been working in Accident and Emergency and fund-raising for our mission projects since. I have been medic to the Mourne Mountain Rescue team, doc to groups climbing Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro, first aid trainer and assessor, medic on extreme sports races and not so extreme races, doctor to Lourdes several times yearly for years … and Fatima once!

As an artist, musician, preacher, poet, and now Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis and Time Line Therapy… compassion, love, forgiveness and caring are universal needs, beginning with ourselves, no matter where we travel in the world, or the people we mission among.

I have lived my childhood dream and so much more and hopefully will, with the Divine Physician keeping an eye, for a few more decades - and continue to receive and give compassion, love, forgiveness and caring, knowing that in giving, we receive; and in receiving, we give of the glorious love of the Lord that is ours.