Other Links

Other Missionary Links:

Society of African Missions - http://www.sma.ie/
Association of Religious and Missionaries of Ireland - http://www.amri.ie/
Misean Cara -

For prayer, reflection and spirituality

Sacred Space - http://www.sacredspace.ie/
'Pray as you go' - http://www.pray-as-you-go.org/
Doris Klein Prayer Images - http://www.dorisklein.com/

Art & Prayer - http://www.prayerwindows.com/

Vocations Links:

Vocations Ireland - http://www.vocationsireland.com/
Compass - http://www.compass-points.org.uk/
Exploreaway - http://www.exploreaway.net

Justice links:

Africa European Faith and Justice Network   http://www.aefjn.org/
Debt and Development Coalition http://www.debtireland.ie/
Act to Prevent Trafficking http://www.aptireland.org/
Renate Foundation http://www.renate-europe.net/
Social Justice Ireland    http://www.socialjusticeireland.ie/