Recruiting a Communications Officer

The OLA Sisters are currently recruiting a Communications Officer.

Pope Francis: Interfaith dialogue is a duty for all

Interreligious dialogue is "an indispensable condition for peace" and "a duty for all believers", Pope Francis told leaders of the Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish communities.

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari discusses Boko Haram

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari is making his first foreign trip - to Niger - since taking office last week.

Did you know OLA in Africa? Are you now living in Ireland?

Invite to all OLA past pupils who now live in Ireland!

Archbishop Oscar Romero was beatified in El Salvador

Pope Francis declaring from the Vatican that the martyr's feast will be celebrated on March 24 each year – the day “in which he was born into heaven.”

Investing in women, children and youth today means thriving

Transitioning the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health for the Post-2015 Era

Celebration of the canonization of two new women saints from Palestine

The Catholic Church’s celebration of the canonization of two new women saints from Palestine on Sunday helps recognize both women’s important role in Arab culture and Arabs’ important role in Christia…

Peace is handcrafted with forgiveness, respect, justice, Pope says

Peace takes hard work and must be built one person at a time working each day by forgiving others, ending injustice and stopping greed, Pope Francis has said.

Tanzania warns of looming humanitarian crisis as Burundians flee

A serious humanitarian crisis is looming as thousands of Burundi refugees stream into Tanzania and neighboring countries to escape rising political tensions and violence at home, Tanzanian and interna…

Holy Year of Mercy

During March, Pope Francis’ announced an “extraordinary Jubilee” under the title the Holy Year of Mercy.