On the Care of Our Common Home

Summary of the Encyclical Letter Laudato Si'

Human Trafficking in Ireland and Public Policy Response

471 victims of human trafficking have been identified in Ireland since 2013.

Laudato Si and Community Activism Against Environmental Destruction

Webinar - 28 July 2020 : To explore the role of community activism against environmental protection as theorized by Pope Francis in Laudato Si’.

Drop the Debt, Save Lives

Debt Cancellation and Covid-19

What it means to be "Anti Racism"

The term anti-racist is not new, it has gained prominence in emphasising the fact that it is no longer enough to be non-racist, we need to actively oppose racism.

Understanding Racism - Resources (Ireland)

Resources for education and reflection on racism


PRESS RELEASE - Newstalk explores modern day slavery, also known as Human Trafficking.

A Lesson in Listening

What we can learn about listening from the journey to Emmaus.

Dublin to Athens in "Jig Time"

Sr Julie Doran shares an inspiring story about community spirit and support...

The Impact of COVID-19 in Ghana

Perpetua Cecilia Acquah OLA shares news from Ghana