Earth Overshoot Day (2019)

Earth Overshoot day this year is TODAY. Today is the day when that we have used up nature’s budget for the whole of 2019!

First Profession for Mary Mark Mtui

Mary Mark Mtui from Tanzania made her first profession...

Lines of Approach and Action

A chapter by chapter summary of Laudato Si'...

Tanzanian Novitiate to Make First Profession

Mary Mark Mtui will make her first profession on 25 July 2019.

Integral Ecology

Pope Francis offers another lens of analysis that views society, economy and environment as interrelated. A chapter by chapter summary of Laudato Si'.

Destructive Mining in the Sperrin Mountains

Laudato Si’ and the Importance of the Bishops’ Critique of Corporate Environmental Degradation

The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis

A chapter by chapter summary of Laudato Si' prepared by OLA Justice Officer John McGeady. This week we explore Chapter Three

Farewell to Sr Jacinta Finnerty

OLA Remembrance Day 2019

We recently held our biennial Remembrance Day...

The Gospel of Creation

A Summary of Chapter Two of Laudato Si'