‘Challenges of the Family in the Contemporary World’


The Association of African Priests and Religious in Ireland (AAPRI) in partnership with the Marino Institute of Education to host a conference on the challenges faced by families in the contemporary world.

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Marino Institute of Education, Dublin. Image courtesy of www.mie.ie.

Ahead of the World Meeting of Families this August, the AAPRI in association with the Marino Institute will hold a conference titled ‘Challenges of the Family in the Contemporary World’.

The day-long event will take place on 10 February, commencing at 9.30am, at the Marino Institute of Education in Dublin.

Two specific topics will be explored on the day.

The first topic focuses on ‘living out family values from an African perspective with particular emphasis on specific challenges facing African families in Ireland’.

The second topic looks at (Christian) parenting in a secular society.

Guest speakers include Professor Mark Morgan and Richard Nzerem.

Professor Morgan is currently the Co-director of the ‘Growing up in Ireland’ longitudinal study on children.

Mr Nzerem presently serves as Legal Consultant at the Commonwealth Secretariat Arbital Tribunal in London, having previously held lecturing positions at two UK universities while also serving as State Atorney for the Government of Zambia.

The conference will be moderated by Dr Philip Owende of the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown and Visiting Senior Lecturer at the UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering.

Pre-booking is required for a free entrance ticket. Registration may be completed here.