Dromantine Summer Camps

Sr. Patience Ezimigbo reports from the annual summer camps taking place in Dromantine, Co. Down.


Sr. Patience with Kerri-Ann and Michaela during the Dromantine Summer Camp. Image courtesy of Sr. Patience Ezimigbo.

The annual SMA organised Dromantine Summer Camp will conclude this coming Friday, 18th August. Five camps have taken place over each of the last five weeks. The first two camps were for boys and the latter three were for girls. Hundreds have attended the camps which are aimed at those between 11 and 17 years of age. Sr. Patience Ezimigbo was an observer during the summer camps. Earlier this week she shared some thoughts on her experience of the Dromantine Summer Camp.

"The first summer camp was made up of 120 'players', 23 'managers' and 16 'students'. The 'players' are between 11 and 16 years of age. Those who are 17 years of age and not yet in University are known as the 'managers' while the the 'students' are in or have graduated from University."

"Acitivites include sports, prayer, quizzes, indoor and outdoor games, care of the earth, a talent show and acting. Many 'celebrities' also visit the camps to encourage those attending to show case their talents, vocations and mission awareness in different ways."

Some of the 'celebrities' who attended included the gaelic footballers from Tyrone currently preparing for an All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin.

Sr. Patience felt that many of those attending the summer camps had a very postive experience. 

"Many I spoke to had a wonderful experience and would like to come back. Some made new friends and were very happy about it! Others found the environment and people pleasant and welcoming. Many also commented on the Mass which they felt was very participatory, creative and lively!"

Sr. Patience also assisted during the celebration of the Eucharist which took place during the camps. See below to view a video of Sr. Patience leading the African style offertory procession.

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