New Provincial Councils in West Africa

Leadership Teams for Ivory Coast, Burkina-Niger and Benin commence work.

NEW OLA Provinces in West Africa.png


Great celebrations took place recently to mark the creation of three new OLA Provinces - Ivory Coast, Burkina-Niger and Benin, as well as two districts - Togo and Chad. These areas had previously formed part of the old Francophone Province.

The new Provinces and Districts were created as the region has experienced a high number of vocations in recent years.

A new Provincial Council is now in place in Ivory Coast where Sr. Christine Gnissan Kanhou is the new Provincial assisted by Sr. Amélie Yapo and Sr. Anne-Marie Lobognon. In the newly formed Province of Burkina-Niger, Sr. Emilienne Tougouma will be Provincial while Sr. Monique Soubeiga and Sr. Odile Ogou will also serve on the Provincial Council. The new Provincial Council in Benin is comprised of Sr. Hortense Dossoumon as Provincial along with Sr. Clarisse Merci Nguendotoingar and Sr. Reine Setton.

The District Assembly for Togo will take place from May 18-25 and the District Assembly for Chad takes place from May 28 until June 4.