Nigerian Bishops Visit Ardfoyle


Archbishop Gabriel Leke Abengurin of Ibadan Archdiocese and Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo of the neighbouring Oyo Diocese visit missionaries who previously served in Nigeria.

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Pictured (from left) are: Sr. Maria Lee, Archbishop Gabriel Leke Abengurin, Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo and Sr. Majella McCarron.


Two Bishops serving in Western Nigeria visited Ardfoyle Convent yesterday, 8th November, to meet with Sisters who previously worked in the area.

Sr. Eithne MacDevitt, a native of Kilcar, Co. Donegal, was one of those present.

"I was in Ibadan at the time of Archbishop Abengurin's ordination in January 2014. Many OLA Sisters would have worked in Ibadan and would know the Archdiocese quite well. Sr. Dolores Kearney is currently on mission at the OLA Novitiate in Ibadan.

"I knew Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo's Aunt quite well and he would have a great appreciation of the work of missionaries. Once we accompanied him on a visit to the graves of the early Sisters in Oyo town. It was nice to have them visit Ardfoyle today. They were both pleasant and easy to communicate with."

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Sr. Eithne MacDevitt and a map of Nigeria couresty of


Sr. Majella McCarron also met with both men yesterday. Sr. Majella taught catechetics at the Major Seminary of Ss. Peter and Paul in Ibadan and Archbishop Abengurin was among her students.

"There are links between Oyo Diocese, Ibadan Archdiocese and Ireland. The Bishops have come to Ireland to visit people they knew. The White Fathers would have been among the missionaries present in Oyo Diocese. An SMA from Co. Mayo, by the name of Richard Finn, was Bishop of Ibadan for many years. The OLAs would have a significant presence in the Ibadan Archdiocese too."

Ibadan became an Archdiocese in 1994.

Previous to his appointment as Archbishop of Ibadan, Archbishop Gabriel Leke Abengurin served as Bishop of Osogbo Diocese (formerly part of Oyo Diocese).

Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo, who was appointed to his present role in 2009, is the current Chairman of the Pan African Espispocal Committee for Social Communications. 

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