Notes from Nigeria


Two months ago, Sr. Dolores Kearney took up a new mission appointment in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Dolores in Nigeria.JPG

Sr. Dolores is pictured above (centre) with OLA Novices making missionary rosary beads at the Novitiate in Ibadan, Nigeria.


I arrived in Lagos, Nigeria on 28th April - just forty two years since I first arrived in this same country to start my missionary life, as an OLA nurse. I am back again and was soon to realise how this country has developed. One doesn't even have to leave the huge, modern airport to see progress with infrastructure. The same can be said of Ibadan where I was travelled to the next day, to take up a completely new job in our OLA formation house. Here, I was to work with two professional formators: Sr Faustina Annan (from Ghana) and Sr Bridget Okonye (from Nigeria).

The infrastructure may have changed in the forty plus years but the Nigerian welcome certainly did not! On my arrival at Maryhill, our Novitiate house, I heard drums. On looking there were our eight novices and Srs Bridget and Faustina all dancing, singing and drumming. Now, I really knew I was back in African soil!
Here I am now, two months later and many things have happened. These novices are in their second year, which they will complete by the end of July. A new group of nine girls, who have already done over one year in their respective countries have joined our community here to continue their formation. Of these, one is from Tanazania, where I have worked for eight years. There are five from Ghana, where I have worked for ten years and three from Nigeria where I am starting all over again! I have been having with discussions them and we do some prayer sharing together as well as sharing my experiences of missions. They were officially received into the OLA family yesterday (June 29th) and will continue for the next two years to prepare for life as OLA missionaries. We  pray for them all during their formation journey.

The eight novices, who gave me the warm welcome, will start preparation for first profession soon. After first profession, they will all be assigned to our various houses throughout our Congregation. We keep them in our prayers too.
We are in rainy season here now. You may think you have wet days in Ireland but I have never heard such thunder and seen such torrential rain as I have seen here. Is this due to our global warming? Maybe something we in Europe need to think about.
Enjoy your Summer and remember climate change!
- Sr Dolores Kearney

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