Pope Hails the Contribution of Women to the Missions


In a message released ahead of World Mission Sunday this October, Pope Francis has highlighted the significant impact that women continue to make in our Church while also pointing to the maternal instincts of God.


Maternal Instincts

The Pope's annual mission message focuses on the Extraordinary Year of Mercy while also making reference to the maternal instincts of God with the Church as ‘Mother’ of all who will one day have faith in Christ. Pope Francis continues by making a comparison between God and his love for us and the love of a mother for her children.

“…the Bible uses the word that signifies mercy: therefore it refers to the love of a mother for her children, whom she will always love, in every circumstance and regardless of what happens, because they are the fruit of her womb. This is also an essential aspect of the love that God has for all his children, whom he created and whom he wants to raise and educate; in the face of their weaknesses and infidelity, his heart is overcome with compassion”


The Pontiff also emphasizes the important role that education plays in evangelization and ‘patiently waiting for fruit after years of slow cultivation’ which in turn enables the next generation to go forth and share the light of the Gospel.

Pope Francis reflects also on the significant role that women, both lay and religious, play in the missionary world and how this is another demonstration of God’s maternal love for us.

“Women, lay and religious, and today even many families, carry out their missionary vocation in various forms: from announcing the Gospel to charitable service. Together with the evangelizing and sacramental work of missionaries, women and families often more adequately understand people's problems and know how to deal with them in an appropriate and, at times, fresh way: in caring for life, with a strong focus on people rather than structures, and by allocating human and spiritual resources towards the building of good relations, harmony, peace, solidarity, dialogue, cooperation and fraternity, both among individuals and in social and cultural life, in particular through care for the poor.”

World Mission Sunday takes place on Sunday, October 16th.

Read full text of his message here.