RIP Sr. Mary Rosarii Kelly

  “Death is not the extinguishing of the light but the blowing of the candle because the dawn has come”.     (Tagore)

She was named Patricia by her parents, acquired Dilcie as a pet name, became Sr. Mary Rosarii at her reception, and to most of her OLA sisters and friends she was Rose. All these names that she was known by found expression in her personality, her ministry and her life, and we were all given glimpses at various times of the different facets and faces of this woman we called Rose..

Rose was always aware of God’s presence in her life and in the ups and downs of that life. In the past few months she encountered that same God in a new and deeper way hidden in her suffering and in her losses. All of us who visited Rose in her final illness were struck by the acceptance, peace and courage with which she lived these last precious days of her life. The final chapter of her life story was lived by her as she had lived the rest of her life, with single minded commitment and giving it the very best she was capable of.

Her first “Yes” to God’s call was in 1958 when she entered the OLA Congregation. She had a long and varied ministry, first in the USA where she taught for six years. Over the years from 1961 to 2002 she taught music, used her creative gifts to paint, make beautiful soft toys and flower arrangements in Rostrevor, Dublin, Ibadan, Claremorris and Ardfoyle. When there were jubilees, anniversaries, and other special occasions Rose’s touch was visible in creative décor and music.

Rose walked through life tall, straight and graceful, and all she ever did was done with the same grace and dignity, even her final illness and death.

We have no doubt that these qualities of spirit will shine and grow in beauty and grace in her new life in God. May all that we loved and admired in Rose find expression in the way we care for and look after one another.