The Toy Plane - A Weekend Reflection




Once there was a boy who received a toy plane for Christmas. He was desperate to fly it, but since the plane needed a lot of space to fly, he had to be patient.

At last, the day came when he was finally able to fly his plane. He was so excited as he traveled with his family to a large and open field. He and his father picked a spot for the launch.

It was wonderful. The plane launched into the air. It soared, it swooped and elegantly glided. Suddenly a gust of wind caught it and the last the boy saw it was heading over the river and into some trees.

He was heartbroken.

A few weeks later, his father was telling this story to another parent at the school gate. When he finished they asked if the plane was black. They then went on to describe a plane that their father in law had found in a tree.

Later that day, the young boy was reunited with his precious plane and he was so, so happy.

When he got home, he put the plane in a cupboard where it would be safe.

Sadly, the plane never flew again because the boy was too afraid of losing it.

Several years later when the family moved house, the movers found the plane in the bottom of the cupboard, broken and beyond repair.

It had been kept safe, but it had never fulfilled it’s purpose and now it never would.

Some questions to reflect:

  • How do we cope when things go wrong? Do we retreat and hide? Do we vow never to do things again? Is our aim primarily to avoid pain and difficulty or to live well?

 There are plenty of things in life that will go wrong but we also are all living a life that should be worth living!

  •  What are some of the good things from our past that we are now too afraid to try?

God wants us to live a life in which we flourish. Jesus promise that if we follow, trust and obey him then we can live life in all its fullness. (John 10.10).

The plane was created to fly but fear led to it being grounded.

  • What were we created for? How is fear holding us back?

May God set us free from the things that are holding us back!