A week after the earth quake, trucks of aid begin reaching remote areas of Nepal

Truckloads of relief material organized by church charities began moving across Nepal a week after the Himalayan nation was rocked by a magnitude-7.8 earthquake on April 25th.

"I am glad that much-needed aid is finally beginning to reach remote areas," Greg Auberry, Catholic Relief Services' regional director for East and South Asia.
Auberry had just returned to Kathmandu from Gorkha -- just 85 miles from the capital but five hours of rough mountain drive -- where CRS and Caritas Nepal staff had distributed relief material like tarps, dry rations, hygiene items and water purification tablets.

"Given the mountainous terrain, getting relief supplies to even the most convenient locations for people to collect them is not easy. It took CRS several hours with small tractors -- one getting stuck -- to get the tarpaulins and household supplies to the village of Bukrang near Gorkha," said Auberry, who oversaw relief distribution in the region. "People walked miles to come," he added.

Nine days after the quake, the Nepal government revised the death toll to more than 7,200 killed and 14,300 injured, while thousands more have gone missing.