A Window Back in Time


Michael Kelliher, OLA Contract Archivist, on a revolutionary new scanner which captures a rare glimpse into the lives and work of early OLA missionaries.

OLA sisters tending the sick.jpg


Until recently the OLA Archive held a number of negatives and slides which were of no use because it was not possible to see the image stored on these mediums. Following the recent purchase of a new scanner, it is now possible to scan photographic negatives and slides, and display a developed copy onto the computer screen.

Possibly my favourite part of the OLA Archive is a collection of ‘magic lantern’ slides which depict OLA missionary work in Africa. The slides were created by Maison de la Bonne Presse, a publishing company now known as Bayard Presse which is owned by the Assumptionists. The company was founded in 1873 with the aim of creating media which promoted Catholicism.  The date these particular slides are unknown but it was likely to be in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. I decided to use some of these slides to test the new scanner. As can be seen by the accompanying pictures, the results are impressive. The new scanner is yet another tool which the archive can use to improve its service.


Here are a selection of other images:


1. OLA Sisters on Board a Ship

OLA on board ship.jpg


2. 'Lagos Fancy'

Lagos Fancy.jpg


3. The OLA Mother House and Novitiate in Lyon, France.

 Mother House and Novitiate, Lyon.jpg