The Work of Our Missionaries Cause Ripples of Change


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God works in amazing ways, and sometimes we are shown how our works are used to inspire others to go on and achieve good in His name.

Francesco Andaloro is a dental surgeon and the Health Director of Lontrax Clinic in Varise, Italy.  He is also a practising Catholic who, together with his wife, has answered the call to mission.

At the end of July 2018, after much reflection and discernment, they left for Kolowaré, Togo to set up the first health-odontological mission in the village.

Dr Andaloro credits the seeds of this mission calling to a previous experience in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and participation in a “School of the Word” held by the Missionary Sisters of Our lady of Apostles together with the Society for African Missions.

“The project came from our heart,” he says, and continues, “The reception received by the Council of SMA and the nuns was fantastic, and so we developed the details, buying all the equipment that we considered important and necessary and planned the first mission in Kolowaré."

He and his wife didn’t stop with the setting up of the clinic. In their relatively short stay in Kolowaré, they identified the needs for prevention and education around oral hygiene and facilitated a course on dental preventative care for the nurses at the centre, and another course for children living with AIDS.

During the 24 days of their mission, they also travelled to the village of Sokodè to treat patients. These patients are subsequently being treated at the clinic.

The goal of the project "A smile for Africa" is to create mobile structures able to treat the "poorest poor". Dr Andaloro and his wife will be returning to Africa twice a year to places that are identified by OLA and SMA missionaries.

Often we don’t know or see the effect we have on the people we come into contact with in our various ministries. We are in touch with so many people during the course of a week, a month, a year, as we go about our daily lives.

It’s affirming to hear testimonies like that of Dr Andaloro, who, after participating in an event we held, was touched by God to go on and do such an amazing thing for the people of Togo.

Be encouraged that the good you do today is changing lives in ways you may never be aware of. We don’t know the seeds that are being planted for our Lord to water...

Details appeared in Agenzia Fides (25/09/2018)