Pope's Prayer Intention for July

Pope Francis' universal prayer intention for July 2018 focuses on the fatigue and loneliness experienced by our priests.

The Pontiff prays that our priests 'may find help and comfort in their intimacy with the Lord and in their friendship with their brother priests.'

The video below accompanies this intention and highlights the different areas of life in which our priests play an active role. The video brings the important message that priests cannot take ‘time out’ from their duties after a disappointment or a heartbreaking experience, they need to continue to face each day, often moving from a joyous occasion such as a marriage, to the difficult task of ministering to the sick.  Pope Francis emphasises the importance of the love and support of the community. This is poignantly demonstrated in the video by the smile of contentment on the priest's face when he receives a flower from a woman after he helps her into her seat. His smile expands, and he is positively beaming when the members of his congregation add their own flowers to the vase on the altar and greet him with joyful encouragement.

Often we don’t remember that our priests rely on us to be their extended family as much as we rely on them to be our leaders in faith.

The articles to the right give further insight on the struggles experienced by our priests. Let’s reflect on this as we watch the video, and remember to offer encouragement, support and friendship to the priests working in our own communities.