Mission and Vocation Animation

The OLA Sisters affirm that every baptised person is called to be a missionary and hence Mission and Vocation Animation is a priority in our mission of evangelization.

The Sisters believe passionately in:

  • The OLA missionary Charism and the need to share this special call with others.
  • Religious Life as a radical and valuable option to which young people have a right to be   invited.

Some ways of which we are actively engaged in Mission and Vocation Animation are through the

  • Lay Mission Movement,
  • Crown Fund,
  • Volunteering in Africa,
  • Our Benefactors – spiritual and material,
  • Promotion material.

“….. rooted in faith, and like Christ seeking the will of the Father, we carry out together the mission of the Church entrusted to the Institute.” (Const. 8)

Promotion material