Sharing in our Mission

Ireland has a very strong missionary tradition. Since the 1800s, Irish missionaries have been travelling to all parts of the globe, spreading the Gospel message of love and working to improve the quality of lives of those most in need.

For over 130 years OLAs have been leaving Irish shores to work in Africa and in other parts of the world.
The call to be a Missionary Sister is equally as urgent and relevant today. We pray that young women who feel God may be calling them to join us have the courage and faith to answer the call to become an OLA Sister.

While OLA Sisters and Volunteers are the ones to “go on mission”, it could never be done without the support of many people who share in our mission.
We go as ambassadors representing the goodwill and support of our friends, families and home parish communities.

All Christians are called to be missionaries and greater collaboration is required for authentic and effective missionary work. We invite you to share in the OLA Charism and Mission so as to live more fully the missionary dimension of your baptism and help the OLA Sisters live their mission more effectively.